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Our Team


Hey, I'm Jeff! I met Jesus as a young kid and knew I wanted to be a pastor shortly after. I was called to New Hope in 2017 and took over as the lead pastor in 2019. I’ve always loved serving God, and have been involved in a variety of ministries including a youth pastor, coaching ‘Growing Young Cohorts,’  teaching some Old Testament classes at Denver Seminary, and speaking at various retreats. When I’m not doing that you can find me eating Chipotle with my amazing wife Shannon, watching my awesome kids (Levi and Lucy) at their varies sports and activities,  or all of us hanging out together in the Mountains. I’d love to grab some coffee – or even better, some Chipotle with you and get to know you better!

Jeff Oetter
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Hey! I'm Sam and I lead worship here at New Hope! I grew up in church but struggled with my faith throughout middle school. In November of 2016 I decided to fully dedicate my life to following Christ! In 2019 I met my beautiful wife Maggie and we started dating shortly after and got married! I have liked singing since I was younger and was in my school choir. I really wanted to serve on the worship team at my church but didn't want to sing so I learned how to play guitar just so I could be on worship and then eventually became confident enough that I sang too! I love reaching people's hearts through music so that they feel God's love for them! 

Sam WEgwart

Worship Leader

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Hi, my name is Lauren and I am the Office/Social Media Manager! I recently started here at New Hope in August of 2023. I have a passion for people and my office is always open if you want to come hang out and chat!  I love traveling and usually am hopping on and off flights for a quick trip! I have two dogs named Rainy and Skye and a horse named Indie who are like my babies! I was baptized and accepted Jesus into my life when I was 7 years old and although my path has been long over the years, God has been with me every step of the way! God works in mysterious ways and Him bringing me to New Hope has blessed my life with meaningful friendships and connections! I love to read and would love to hear any book recommendations you have! I'm super close with my mom and little sister and they are a big reason I love being in Colorado, so I can be close to them! I have a passion for kids and babies and am excited to have my own one day! 

Lauren Andrzeicik 

Office/Social Media Manager

Ken Oetter

Hi, I'm Ken! I have had the privilege to live in the beautiful state of Colorado my entire life and have spent all of it traveling throughout the state. I grew up in a very anti-God family.  My dad would often say, "I don't believe there is a God and if there is I don't care. If hell is real that is where all my friends will be so that is where I will be also." In high school my best friend invited me to a church youth group where I met the love of my life, Deb, and she introduced me to Jesus on June 29, 1973 @ 10:30 pm. I always loved math and by the time I was 15 I knew I wanted to be an accountant and have been for 45 years.  While I have enjoyed my career, I have never forgot what a wise man once taught me.  "Give yourself to a cause, not a career".  My cause in life is to further God's Kingdom by sharing Christ with others.  First & foremost with my children & grandchildren but also with hundreds of students as a volunteer in student ministry for 45 years. It's my privilege to continue to serve at New Hope. I currently serve as the head deacon and the middle school leader teaching the students about Christ. (And also as a mentor to the pastor).

Head Deacon

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Hi, I’m Jolene.  My husband and I joined New Hope in 2012! We have two grown sons and three grandchildren.  I started volunteering at and then shortly after started heading up the Food Pantry about four years ago. I have a passion for God's people and love to organize the Food Pantry in a way that makes them feel loved and welcome! Along with an amazing team that brings the vision to life, I love sharing God’s groceries with our clients and God’s Word as often as possible. My husband and I  also started volunteering with Special Olympics Colorado in 1986. We thought it was such an amazing and empowering cause! I have continued to be involved in the efforts even after his passing in 2020. I am currently completing a Deacon vacancy but will always lend a hand wherever needed! I would love to chat anytime!

Jolene Bingaman



Hi, I'm Krista! I have been attending New Hope for 13 years with my 2 children, Sierra and Kenton. I also play Bass Guitar and sing on the Praise Team. I love serving the community of New Hope! Outside of New Hope, I work as an ultrasound tech! I enjoy going camping, spending time with my family, and traveling with my kids, especially if it involves Disney! I'm a big Disney fan and actually started working as an Independent Contractor with Moments of Magic Travel and became an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! If you want to plan a Disney Vacation or cruise, I'm your girl! I have also been blessed with an energetic Husky and a temperamental cat.

Krista Nickerson


Hey! I'm Nate! I am from Dayton, Ohio but my dad was in the air force so we moved around a lot and I spent some time in Colorado Springs, Florida, New Mexico, and some other places until I ended up back in Colorado in 2006 for good! I married my wife Delaney in 2010 and we have two girls Makenzie and Kennedy! I am a chef and own my own catering company! I am a huge music guy and love going to concerts and listening to music! I also like to collect things like comic books, sports memorabilia, and more! I would love to get to know you especially if you are also a collector! It's such a pleasure to serve as an Elder at New Hope! This place has been great for us and also our girls who enjoy the kid's program!

Nate Schoen-Roda


Hi, I'm Chad! I grew up right here in Aurora, Colorado! I am married to my incredible wife Randi and we have two daughters Jordyn and Madison! Having two daughters who are growing up so fast definitely keeps me on my toes! I work in the wind turbine business so I can often be caught wearing neons for visibility purposes! I love attending New Hope almost as much as my daughters do who have made a group of friends in the kids and youth ministries! I'd love to get to know you better, so come up to me anytime and say hi!

Chad wollam 


Hi, I'm Pam! I grew up in Montrose, Colorado! I married my wonderful husband Andy in 1989! I work as a medical bookkeeper and billing and I love it! Especially since I get to work from home now! I have three dogs who keep me busy and a cat too! Andy and I found New Hope because we were looking for a church in the area that had a great kid's program for our kid's who were little at the time! We fell in love with the small intimate family feel of New Hope! Our kid's are all grown up now and we have a grandson who is such a big blessing and we love to spend time with! 

Pam Klanecky


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