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Hey, I'm Jeff! I met Jesus as a young kid and knew I wanted to be a pastor shortly after. When I'm not hanging out with the awesome people of New Hope or working on my PhD in the Angry Psalms (yep, it's as weird and as interesting as it sounds), you'll find me and my family playing in the mountains in our Jeep. My wife and I met in High School Youth Group, and now 20 years and 2 kids later (Levi, 11, and Lucy, 9), we are even more in love. I'd love to grab a coffee-or even better, some Chipotle- and get to know you!!

Jeff Oetter
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Christopher Newby

Hey there, I’m Chris, the newest addition to the New Hope team! I have been passionate about worship ministry since I started playing piano during worship services when I was eleven years old. When I’m not making music with the awesome members of New Hope or memorizing Greek declensions for my master’s degree (Just like Pastor Jeff, I too am a glutton for educational punishment), you can catch me reading every J.R.R. Tolkien book known to man, or making ridiculously pretentious coffee in my Chemex. I just finished my bachelor’s degree in Music Ministry at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Consequently, I also met my wonderful wife Rachel in my first week at Moody in the Moody Chorale (she’s an awesome musical theater nerd and a killer Alto One). We got married in July of 2018, and we are so excited to be in Colorado. I would love to hangout and talk over some (either pretentious or not) coffee!!

Hi, I'm Seth! My wife, Meghan, and I just finished 9 months of full time travel around the country and God lead us to settle in Denver, Colorado! I grew up in the rural Appalachian mountains of Virginia where my grandfather was the Pastor of a small Brethren Church. We love adventure and you will find us filming for our social media, hiking, kayaking, climbing, and exploring the many coffee shops Denver has to offer! I have a passion for new tech and my office is always open to chat about the newest tech or film/photography!

Seth Fawley

Office/Social Media Manager