Welcome to New Hope Community Church

New Hope Community Church is a family of unique individuals all drawn together by a common love for God and his people.

we are…

We are real people living out our authentic faith,  joined together in our individual relationships with Jesus as our Savior. We are multi-generational, and we long to reach the community of Aurora. 

we serve… 

We serve a perfect God. His love is our motivation. His love is our reason. We love because He loves us.

we long to...

We long to look like our community. We want to see when we walk in our doors that we are reaching the people around us with the love of Jesus. Age, race, status, past... these things don't matter to us. People matter to us. All people matter to us.

we believe...

That Jesus came to this world to seek and to save that which was lost ... us!! We are a part of the Reformed Church in America which holds to several creeds and confessions. Not everyone here believes all of those, and that's just fine! What is important to us is to know that Jesus is God, and He died so that we could have life!

First... it's very important you know about the donuts! They are there for YOU to eat and we don't mind if you bring them along into the service!

Colorful Donuts


Texting on Mobile Phone

tEXT wELCOME TO 720-664-8884


Do you need a bible?

We have one for you! Please take any one of the bibles, write your name in it, and take it home!



Each week we receive an offering from the people who call New Hope home. While you are welcome to participate, we don't want you to feel pressured to give. If you would rather give online, you can do so by clicking the button below!

Leather Headphones

If you are having trouble hearing the service head to the sound booth in the back. We have hearing assistance devices that you may use!


Have kids? 
At New Hope we want kids to be kids! Yep, even if they're being loud and messy! We don't want kids to act like adults because, well, that's boring! So, lets help them join the fun!